Monday, March 18, 2013

Finished Peace Frog Beanie

I finished knitting the beanie while I was watching Boondock Saints. It (both) was glorious.

My Peace Frog is now a dope Peace Frog.

I made up a stitch while I made this beanie. It's a variation of the bobble stitch. You can't see the stitch too well in the above pictures because the lighting in my room isn't great. I don't have an awesome dslr camera, otherwise I'd be taking more professional awesome-looking pictures.

Anyway, after making this novel stitch I decided to make a headband out of it:

I think it's gorgeous! I'm loving this style of headband and I'm really happy with the progress I made!

More headband pictures to come. I'm going to rib knit some more headbands because that kind of pattern provides the best headband elatsticity.

More pictures of this fun project to come soon!

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