Hi :3 Welcome to my blog!

I'm a California girl that loves to make my own stuff. I mainly use knit and crochet as mediums to express myself. I've been passionate about both crafts since high school, but haven't really done much with either until the beginning of 2013. Since then, I've created a nice collection of accessories and blankets, but have plans to expand my knowledge in the area of garment making. Here, I will blog about my experiences and projects, the potential of knit and crochet as art forms and fashion trends, the wonderful world of yarn, and many other crafty-related interests!

Some fun facts just because:
I love color (especially mahogany), cats, the letter f, spicy food, doodling, and a little alliteration

I am constantly in the middle of a project and am always on the search for new inspiration. I view everything as a constant work-in-progress (like this blog) and embrace change around me; after all, change is inevitable :]

Thanks for stopping by my wonderful and whimsical world!

<3 Lisa

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