Friday, March 15, 2013

Sup nm u?

Well thanks for asking!

1) I spent today modifying the social media buttons on my blog. The icons are in a single row under my Follow Me section and are all the same height. Beautiful.

2) I added a Pinterest Pin It button image hover. This is probably the coolest thing I did today. Now all of my images can be conveniently pinned just by hovering over the image with your mouse. Want to find out how? BloggerSentral. Thank you for based code!

3) I started my Health Blog! This is where I'll post all of my recipes and tid bits on natural remedies. Cheers to good health, friends!


  1. I'm incredibly excited about your health blog!!

    Also, I want a headband! Purple! I'll pay you!

  2. Sure thing :] I'll make you that and your grey owl mitts <3