Saturday, May 25, 2013

Finished Checkered Cowl and BSS Progress

I visited with my family the weekend of the 17th to celebrate my sister's graduation from college! During that time, I was able to finish my checkered cowl.

I decided to make a cowl instead of a scarf because I did not have enough yarn. Fortuneately, the piece still turned out nicely! I am LOVING the basketweave texture.

I also made huge progress on my BSS. I am slowly but steadily crawling my way towards finishing my first skein of yarn. BUT I SHALL PERSEVERE! This scarf is going to be amazing, no doubt. I have two more skeins left and a whole lot of motivation to help me along the way.

And lastly, photogenic pablo hanging out with my ukulele.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend! My thoughts go out to my friends (and everyone) involved in the military. Thank you.

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