Sunday, May 5, 2013

My Yard Spot and My BSS project

Yup, just decided to use the abbreviation instead of the full name for Beautiful Spring Scarf from now until forever.


I spent most of yesterday sitting in a shaded area of the yard. Combined with perfect weather, it was quite a lovely spot. Eighty degree sun with a slight breeze. The air, refreshingly clean. I could hear birds all around me as I played my ukulele. I was also able to read some pages and cast off my counterpoint scarf. One of my grandmother's fabulous hats protected my head during the whole shebang. It was marvelous.

Today, I started my BSS and casted on fingerweight jade sapphire yarn made of cashmere and linen, fibers perfect for spring. However, since the yarn is so thin, it will take me quite a while to knit 80 inches of scarf. So far, I have knit up an inch and a half of scarf since I started four hours ago. Once I start knitting again, I will pay attention to how long it takes me to knit a row so I can better gauge how much time I will be investing in this scarf. I'm thinking a million hours. Actually, more like 20ish. Still, I am SO READY to do this. My body is ready.

Here is what I have so far:

The end is curling already! I am curious to know if adding the cord fringe will help uncurl the ends. I know the finished scarf will be soft and will flow easily. I just want this scarf to be finished already so I can wear it!

Good night friends. Hope you all had a wonderful 5th of May.

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