Thursday, May 2, 2013

Vacation Plans: May 4th-11th

I am heading home for the week, spending time taking care of my parents house while they are vacationing in Hawaii. Spending the week at home will be a nice relaxing vacation for me. I will get to hang out with my parents before they leave and I will get to see my favorite dog in the whole world, Bear. He is a 13 year old lab and the sweetest, humblest, most empathetic being I have ever interacted with. I mean, Pablo (my kitty) is cool and all, but he is no dog. Speaking of which, I will be bringing my kitty to hang out with Bear and me while my parents are away. It will be quite the party!

I am planning on stretching, doing plenty of yoga, and meditating. I have not been treating my body well lately, and taking the time to tend to my muscles and my mind is a necessary step to keep me healthy and happy.

I am bringing my cello with me, too. Currently, I am learning the notes to the song Gerudo Valley from Zelda OOT and will eventually write sheet music for that, since cello sheet music for that song does not exist on the internet anywhere. I am also hoping to jam with some friends while I am home.

I will be starting my scarf from the Purl bee. I am most excited about this project because I am using exquisite yarn made out of cashmere and linen. I seriously cannot wait to finish this project!!

Above my needles is my project notebook. It is quite the find! I will talk more about my notebook in a later post.

That's all for now, friends!

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