Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Staying organized

If you like knitting and crocheting as much as I do, then you probably have a BUNCH of different sized needles and hooks. This is how I keep my tools organized:


I crocheted for myself a crochet hook case! The red stripes use hdc white the blue stripes are simply made of sc. The extra loop in the hdc is what holds the hook into place.

My favorite part is the nifty little pocket in the middle of the case. I use it to stash my stitch markers.


I know what you're thinking. Pirouline cookies are absolutely delicious. Fun fact: the can also makes a great knitting needle holder! However, I think I should at least knit a can cover. I feel like knitted decoration is much more appropriate than exposing the tasty-looking cookies on the can label.

I am planning on knitting a needle case for my straight needles whenever I find a good pattern. Storing circular needles can be a bit tricky. One solution is buying this addi click needle set.

Scissors, small crochet hook, yarn needle, and stitch holders. All necessities for a useful bag of tools. I use the crochet hook the most for my dropped knitted stitches. The hook is a real time saver!

And that about does it!

How do you keep your needles, hooks, and other tools organized?

Toodles, friends.

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