Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Winging It: Current Cowl Project

In the midst of apartment hunting, figuring out what I want to do with my life, and napping, I am trying to keep my hands busy and focused with the rhythmic and consistent movement of knitting. Let's see where these stitches take me!

Had some help determining a pattern for this cowl. Check it out what I have so far!

This is a straight up easy garter stitch.

Pattern SO FAR: MC knit 7 rows, CC knit 4 rows, MC knit 10 rows, CC knit 4 rows, MC knit 14 rows, CC knit 4 rows, MC knit 18 rows, CC knit 4 rows, MC knit 22 rows, CC knit 4 rows.

I am halfway done and plan to knit the same pattern but decrease the MC until I end up with 6 rows. Eventually I will sew the finished cowl together. White yarn is Galler Yarn Adorable, the same yarn I used for the Cassandra Cowl. The green yarn is acrylic Vanna's Choice (I have to decrease my stash somehow, even if the yarn is from Michael's. NO YARN LEFT BEHIND!).

Curious to see how it will turn out! The white part of the piece still has to be blocked, but here is a cool close up:

July is almost over. I need to stop blinking.

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