Thursday, November 7, 2013

Performing Surgery

I had leftover yarn after I finished my hat that I made on Halloween and thought I could make good use of it by making a headband. Unfortunately I made one teeny tiny mistake and didn't realize it until after I cast off. 
It's not completely obvious to those who don't knit so I'll show the inside of the headband. 
Now the mistake sticks out like a sore thumb! I carelessly knit 3 instead of knit1 purl1 knit1. First I thought about embellishing the headband with something that's supposed to look like a flower:
Seriously though, that looks awful. I was too lazy to think of some other kind of embellishment to cover up my mistake and somehow save my headband. So I performed surgery:
Luckily the mistake was about six stitches back from the end of my cast off. I undid my cast off and held stitches on my circulars (stitch holders work fine too) until I reached the column that needed to be fixed. To fix the stitch that is supposed to be in a purl column, I dropped the stitch until I pulled out my mistake and carried the stitch back up by putting a horizontal strand in front of the loop and pulling the strand through the loop from front to back with a crochet hook. I repeated all the way to the top. (To fix a stitch in a knit column, repeat all the steps but put the horizontal strand in back of the loop and pull the strand, from back to front, through the loop using a crochet hook).
TADA! Now the column looks like all purl stitches as it should ez. 
I finished casting off:
And voila! Successful surgery friends. 

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