Monday, October 28, 2013

Pixelated Link Blanket

I am finally (!!!) making this pixelated Link blanket that I have wanted to make since forever ago. There is quite a bit of planning that goes into making a blanket, including just how much yarn to buy, what kind of yarn to buy, what kind of crochet hook to use, you get the picture. My goal is to finish this blanket by November 30th, and friends, I will make it happen. It is cold now that winter is coming and the best way to stay warm is to cover myself in a nice home-made blanket.

Some fun information for you:
208 squares total
dimensions are 16 squares x 13 squares
each granny square is 4.5 - 5 inches long
= a huge blanket

Sugar 'n Cream cotton yarn in brown, blue (Link's outfit will be blue not green!), and tan
Cascade Ultra Pima cotton yarn in black
Size H crochet hook

Current progress pics:

This is an awesome AWESOME tutorial on joining granny crochet squares written by Attic24. I will definitely be finishing my blanket with this technique. 

More progress pics and updated information to come. Can't wait to show you! 

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