Friday, November 15, 2013

Ties for Missionaries

Charitable work feels great, especially when it involves knitting or crocheting. I took on this small project of making ties for the Mormon boys whose mission site is right by my house and could not be happier with the way things came out. Missionaries have a pretty strict uniform and can only express themselves style-wise through their ties. I gave them options on what kind of ties I could make for them and shortly after they picked out yarn from my stash and even requested that the ties be crocheted instead of knitted. Here are finished product pics:

These ties look awesome!!!! Shout out to Red Heart Soft yarn in Waterscape for making the cool random stripes on both ties. I like that the ties don't match even though I used the same yarn (:

I ironed the ties after I finished so the ends wouldn't curl. Ironing helped A BUNCH (proof in pics above).

Back to knitting granny squares!

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