Sunday, December 1, 2013

Pixelated Link Blanket Progress Pics

Good news everyone! The blanket is finished for the most part.

On Friday I crocheted the last 6 black squares, connected the last two columns, and connected 7 rows of my blanket. It was a very productive day seeing that I would be spending most of Saturday in the car, making the gloriously boring adventure back down to sunny SoCal. There was holiday traffic, which extended the lifespan of said adventure.

I now have 6 rows left to connect before the blanket is truly finished, which is totally cool because the blanket still looks finished. Mwahahahaha. 


  1. Awesome blanket! Congratulations on getting so close to finishing it. xoxo

    1. Thanks Laura! I'm so excited I get to use it now that it's legitimately cold.