Saturday, March 9, 2013

Quidditch Headband Fundraiser Update

Curious to see what the headbands look like? Wait no longer!

A few notes:
Knitting headbands takes about 1-2 hours longer to make than crocheting headbands. So if I crochet more headbands I will make more headbands!

These crocheted headbands are airy since I repeated (sk 1 stitch, sc, ch1). I will make some crocheted headbands with double crochets in every stitch and see how that turns out.

The ribbed headband has more elasticity than the green alternate ribbed headband. This is useful because I don't know head circumferences of my recipients. The green headband is large and doesn't have much stretch, which, I think, would be more ideal for a guy to wear. I will make more ribbed headbands to ensure a universal size.

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