Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Lazy Day

Now that the weather is heating up I have a great excuse to lounge by the pool, knit, and get some much needed vitamin D.

However: trying to knit with wool is a horrible idea when it's hot out, by the way. The wool retains ALL OF THE HEAT EVERYWHERE and then gets pulled apart by my poor sweaty palms.

Back to my BSS I go...


  1. Oh I love that you're knitting outside by the pool! I did that all winter (I was living in a hot climate; don't worry, I'm not a crazy person) and it made me feel so happy to be in a beautiful place knitting a beautiful thing! I usually prefer to knit with acrylics so I didn't experience the sweaty palms yarn problem, though.

    1. I was knitting on one of the hottest days that SoCal has had recently. Lately, the weather has been sunny and low 80s and MUCH more ideal for lounging outside soaking up sunrays.

      I like that you are able to knit outside comfortably during the winter lol. Wish I could say the same!