Sunday, May 12, 2013

Back Home

I was greeted quite warmly when I drove back down to SoCal yesterday. It was 90 degrees out!

The ride down was not that bad, just long as f. I had pablo (an exceptional traveler) to accompany me, but no music. No radio. No ipod. Silence. And momentary kitty mews.

There are pretty cool sites to see on my roadtrip, like this:

The sun is HUGE when it sets in May. Also yes, I know, my windshield is really dirty. I show no mercy to suicidal bugs.

Last night, I was able to see Disneyland fireworks at a local hotel party. The show lasted like 5 minutes and it was wonderful. And loud.

Anyway, back to knitting my checkered scarf and then eventually my 40 hr BSS. Toodles, friends!

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