Saturday, August 10, 2013

Finished Intarsia Experiment

It looks pretty awesome, in my very humble opinion.

Intarsia knitting is not as difficult as I thought it would be. I like how the middle of the headband turned out! I knit with blue on top of grey throughout this whole section and it gave the headband a nice clean look. Intarsia can be pretty tricky though. Check out what the inside looks like:

Notice how the grey stripe rows look different! I am pretty sure this is because I knit with the grey yarn on top of the blue yarn for the first stipe and vice versa for the second stripe.

I can't wear this headband though. I cast on 84 stitches and attempted to rib with two colors of yarn, but apparently this destroys the intent of the stitches. This headband is not very elastic so it was sort of a pain to slip onto my tiny head!

Oh well, this was a good learning experience. I am planning on knitting a pixelated link beanie, and now that I have gotten my feet wet, I feel like I will have a good chance at producing something totally awesome.

Here is an update picture of my progress. Too bad knitting in the round produces only a spiral and no seam.

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