Saturday, August 3, 2013

Finished my "Winging It" Cowl

Check it out! It is a wonderful asymmetrical patterned knit that adds a cool quirky touch to anyone's outfit.

Seaming this piece was not as difficult as I thought it would be. I seamed my checkered cowl differently and, let me tell you, the change in technique shows A LOT when comparing my finished pieces.

Comparing seams from the winging it cowl and the checkered cowl:
These are my pieces turned inside out. The seam on the striped cowl is well hidden while the seam on the checkered cowl stands up like a sore thumb. You can notice the seam from the outside of the piece, too. For the striped cowl, I think I prefer more of a subtle, hidden seam.

And I finally learned how to properly weave in ends! You can see my seam just above one of my woven ends (in the purple square) in the pic below and I gotta say, I am impressed with how good it looks! From now on I will weave in ends like this from now until forever.

These colors have inspired me to try something different. Stay tuned, friends!

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