Thursday, October 17, 2013

Current projects: October 2013

I love to knit and crochet, but sometimes I get distracted and easily excited by multiple projects. I have 4 current projects (although only 1 is "active"). I still have high hopes of finishing all my projects, whenever that may be. Sometime soon, sometime later, it doesn't matter as long as it gets done. I think the best part about knitting and crocheting is when I do finally finish and get to use and show off my piece!

Here are my current "back burner" projects:

1. Woven bag
I'm making many of these squares and will eventually sew them together to make a handbag or a weekend tote. I started this project over a year ago ;)

2. Fingerless mitts
(Please excuse exploded yarn ball. My cat tried playing with it when I wasn't looking.) I started this project attempting to try something new and different, which at the time meant knitting with needles smaller than a US 6 and yarn that knits up a smaller gauge than worsted weight. I got stuck trying to make the thumb, got distracted, and reverted back to the safe cowls and hats that I love to so dearly make. Since it's getting colder outside, I will most likely finish this project within the next month. I started this project 8ish months ago. 

I got distracted with this project because new yarn came in at work and I was way WAY more excited to knit with the super soft Worsted Twist. The yarn in this sweater is made out of acrylic (buhhhhhhh) and wool. It doesn't feel THAT soft and I'm all about the feels, hence the immediate transition to my chevron hat. I started this project 2ish months ago. 

Can't wait to show you my progress on my Noro scarf. My cat loves it. I laid my scarf down to take a picture and my cat promptly claimed the scarf as his own. I mean, seriously, look at this cat:

Pretty sure my cat likes the feel of mohair, since this scarf is 45% kid mohair. I'll probably make him some kind of wool mat in the future that he can use for insulation during the cold months to come! 

That's all for now friends. Time to get back to knitting my scarf!


  1. Oh wow, I bet that woven bag will be beautiful when it's finished. xoxo

  2. So fun. I love to knit, too. Although I haven't done it in awhile. Looks like you're doing a great job.

    1. Thanks LeeLee! Checked out your blog, it's beautiful.