Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Awesome December Yields Failposting Achievement

I barely posted this December and I probably deserve a medal for it, I admit, but I promise I have good reason for the afk. It's not because I don't like talking about December and all the really cool things that it entails, but because I didn't want to spoil my Christmas gifts that I made for my family and friends. December is also my birth month, so, you know, I celebrated my glorious birth into this world for the whole month. Seems perfectly reasonable.

After I finished my finals, I visited my hometown for a week where I spent quality time hanging out with my family, played Cards Against Humanity, caught up with old friends, and received amazing gifts (this activity actually happened three weeks in a row muahaha). While there I kind of disconnected from social media. Makes it easy not to get distracted by halfheartedly attempting to live vicariously through my friends Christmas pics, if that makes sense.

So, the best part about my trip home? Seeing old friends and my family. The coolest part about my trip home?! I have pictures to prove it. No more inferior iPhone camera. No. I have something so much better in store for you, friends. Now I will fill this blog with fantastically vibrant photos. Hello Canon Powershot g15 :3

Let me show you just how excited I am. Feast your eyes on this:

This picture is pretty decent considering it was taken with a phone. But still, I want to see cool things on the Internet looking colorful and gorgeous as they do irl. 

Now check this baby out:
Oh my god. Yes please! Isn't it beautiful?!?!?! :_3 AND WHERE DID ALL THAT BLUE COME FROM? F YES. The second image just looks SO much better it's remarkable.

My next few posts will be photo fusion posts, just because I took pictures with my phone up until I received my new camera for Christmas. It was a long wait, but so sooooooo worth it.

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