Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013: An Interesting Year

HAPPY NEW YEAR FRIENDS! During a time which we reflect and optimistically view our future, I present to you:

Reviewing 2013:
Wow. Honestly, so much has happened this past year.

Quite simply, I transitioned from depression and getting out of a bad relationship to getting into a great, positive relationship and emotional stability. Knitting and crocheting helped me through this whole process and I'm super thankful for therapeutic effects of these hobbies.

I went back to community college to complete pre-recs for the masters program to which I am applying and am currently working on my application.

I started working for, one of the coolest jobs I have ever had and the most positive work environment I could possibly imagine.

I started this blog! I have explored the blog world and have enjoyed the experience so far.

Goals for 2014:
Finish my grad school application

Redesign my blog (I have a new header in the works and I have to better organize my blog topics)

Take more pictures

Focus on continuing working with diligence, effectiveness, and efficiency. I think these qualities will help me accomplish making more knitted/crocheted pieces as well as other tasks in general. I have so many ideas on things I want to create, but if I expect to get anything done I have to make sure my project plans reflect the qualities I stated above.

Talk to my family more (because we ride together, we die together). I love my family.

Anything else?
Other than actively striving toward a positive overall well-being at all times always, I think my list is focused on good priorities. Cheers to what 2014 has to offer! Hope you have cool goals in mind for your new year as well. Best of luck and positive vibes sent your way!

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