Monday, June 30, 2014

Cross Stitch Zelda iPhone 5 Case

I am SOOOO excited to share this with you today because:

1) The Legend of Zelda is one of my favorite video game series ever in existence
2) First time cross stitching (!!!)
3) Cross stitching on an iPhone case!

Super exciting! Haha. I lost that screw to the LifeProof case (RIP screw) and decided to buy one of these cases that I've been eyeing for a while. I knew I wanted to reference Zelda on my case and after scouting Pinterest, found this glorious design, fell in love and straight up made my own version! All I had to do was count the stitches and mark them on graph paper. Super easy!

This was my first time cross stitching so I'll share my experience with you. I had a general idea about what I was doing and knew I had to make a lot of x's on the front of the case. The case comes with a booklet that briefly shows you how to cross stitch, which helped out a bunch. But, the booklet didn't explain how to move down to the next row in a way that looked nice, so I just went for it. I also had to figure out how to move across the design in a way that would create the least amount of jumbled thread mess on the back of the case.

The DMC floss is made up of 6 strands, but I removed one of the strands hoping that it would make stitching a little easier. Did that help? A little. Could have removed a couple more strands. Pliers helped me pull the needle through most of the time. Oh, the needle. Let's talk about the needle! The needle that comes with the case is flimsy and cheap and actually snapped in half after using it for a couple of hours. Srsly wow. Nothing a quick visit to Michael's couldn't fix (previous statement is dangerous, I am aware)! What size needles did I need? The box or the booklet didn't leave any indication of needle size so I had to use my eyes and guess. I left with embroidery needles size 26 AND 28 just so I could feel for myself. I started out with a 26, but that ended up breaking after a while too! Not sure if it was my tenacity or just poor needle quality, but I was happy to have an extra 9 needles to continue my project. I switched to the 28's for the remainder of my project and broke an extra 3 before I ended up finishing. No words.

I started this project last Wednesday and after a few long sessions of White Collar binging and crafting, I finished it Sunday afternoon. Cross stitching took a lot longer than expected, but I was impressed at how quickly I completed this project.

Onto the next!


  1. I came across your post and was happy that you cross stitch this Zelda symbol! I have never cross stitch before, looks easy to do! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. You have an amazing skill girlie!