Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I Changed My Name...

So I just changed my blog name from The Lovely zZzs to Knot for Thought. Over the last few weeks I have had some serious reconsideration about my original name as a brand and thought it was time for a good ol' virtual makeover, rebranding myself and this blog in the process. You see, The Lovely zZzs is a personal name, and although I do like personal things (and sleeping a crap ton), the name doesn't really appeal to me as a kind of craft company thing. I am proud of the new name and will do everything I can to accurately represent what I want this blog to be about - crafts and such!

I'm learning more and more about what branding is and how to use it effectively. For instance, color plays a huge part in visually setting the mood (I already knew this but didn't really know how to appropriately apply this to my blog), and TYPOGRAPHY IS SUPER IMPORTANT. I recently learned the difference between sans serif and serif (I know I know, fashionably late to the party haha) and, more importantly, what message those types of text convey. Being cognizant of these knitty gritty details helps my understand how to make my special internet space more attractive and now that I want to take my blog seriously, I am going to continue to try to make sure I produce a look and vibe that I'm proud of.

What else to expect: New header (my current one is an eye sore, I am aware haha), new navigation links, sidebar buttons, and an overall warm vibe to the blog.

As soon as my brain can put together a look, I will get to coding, but for now this painfully-purple template will have to do.

I have been super inspired by putting together some mood boards on Pinterest. These are just so fun! I linked two of them below :D

Follow Lisa Thomas's board Mood - Relaxed on Pinterest. Follow Lisa Thomas's board Mood - Playful on Pinterest.

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