Thursday, June 12, 2014

WIP: My Life and This Blog

So here I am, back at the ol' blog. Just because I haven't been blogging doesn't mean I haven't been creating. I've made SO MUCH COOL STUFF and I definitely have plans to share what I've made. Truth be told I stopped blogging because I was 100% focused on applying to OT school and getting the last of my pre-requisites out of the way. But an unfortunate event happened with my application, leading it to sit in limbo for a couple months, ergo late application, ergo NOT going to grad school next year. This failure was a huge setback and took a toll on my self-confidence. But success cannot be measured without the experience of that sweet sweet failure so I am taking this as a learning experience. I have reassessed my life goals and am turning my attention to this blog to talk about things I am passionate about. Knitting, crocheting, crafting, creating in general. I like seeing things that I've made because it makes me feel useful and proud of myself that I finished something I created out of nothing (You know the feeling, finally binding/casting off or what have you, and you admire the thing you just finished creating. All that time, all that effort, and here it is laying gracefully in your lap. Awesome. You get to actually touch something that you spent hours making. Feels. DAMN. Good.).

So new focus: This will be a craft blog and I will be focusing mostly on knit and crochet. I will make garments and accessories as well as nerdy things like anime and video game fan art. I will also explore all the different fibers offered in the world of fiber crafts! I have huge expectations for where this blog is headed, so stick with me, you won't be disappointed.

Although my current blog is simple, the overall vibe is no longer appealing to me and I have since been inspired to create a space more to my liking. More awesome, more quirky, more me. More pictures (SOON I PROMISE. TEXT IS SO BORING SOMETIMES...but I'm really REALLY shy just FYI haha), more stuff that inspires me! Minor setback: I am a starving artist. I graduated college a couple of years ago but have no interest in pursuing what I actually studied. Tried it, hated it. Alas. Life. I am low on funds and this blog will undoubtedly reflect that so bear with me, please!

The internet is a wonderful place filled with so much information. I will keep researching on how to put more HTML pizzazz here. I actually enjoy learning and reading code, luckily for me in this age of seemingly endless information. Also, you can't spell pizzazz without pizza (looks like my night is set haha).

Sit tight ya'll, and may the odds be ever in my favor!!


  1. Lisa... I totally understand how you feel about finishing college and discovering that you hate what you majored in! I graduated college, thinking I'd be an elementary school teacher... Then I discovered I don't like large groups of small children! FAIL! It'll all work out!

    I'm looking forward to reading your blog!

    1. So glad you can relate!

      I'm excited to see where things will take me. Thanks for the support <3